Through posts about visits to public history sites in and around the eastern seaboard, little-known historical subjects, and fanciful historical oddities, On the Ground History aims to cover a range of topics in American history with a focus on New York City history, public and local history, and history museums.

About Stephanie


I’m Stephanie – a history lover since childhood. I am obsessed with American history and I have a hidden talent for naming Presidential pets on request (did you know Thomas Jefferson had two grizzly bear cubs?). I am in the thesis stage (!) of my Master’s Degree in Public History at New York University. I also work in the public history field at a history non-profit in New York City helping to coordinate national programming and exhibitions related to American history. I spend my weekends traipsing around New York City, exploring this city’s fascinating hidden (and not-so-hidden) historic sites and museums. I am passionate about connecting people with the history that is right under their feet! When I’m not working, studying, or exploring, I can usually be found spending time in my apartment in Brooklyn with my fiancé Colin and our big fluffy cats, Daria and Quinn.

Media Kit

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